10 ideas for the new Instagram user who has less than 100 followers

Top 10 tips for new Instagram creators

Hello creators, Or should I call you Instagram creators?

Photo by Plann on Unsplash

Starting with zero might sound scary, but it is not? (if I said this, did I sound fake?)

I don’t know about you, but for me, it is a scary thing.

  1. Connect with other accounts that have the same ideal client as you are but remember not to follow competitors with big audiences.
  2. Turn on post notification of competitors that have the same client as you, try to become the first person to comment on something meaningful so their followers might follow you.
  3. Follow competition with fewer followers and also follow other accounts who have the same ideal client as you — this way you will be visible in their “Suggested for you” list.
  4. Once you get enough loyal followers then start the survey (if you are comfortable then make a call), ask them about what they think about your page, what kind of content they like from you.
  5. Reels are a better way to come up in the search field, spend some time in your reels area, find 3–4 songs that you heard a lot, create reels adapted to your own industry.
  6. Take your most popular reels and post them on Pinterest, there is the best platform to connect with people.
  7. Once you get enough followers, ask a bigger account to do a guest post on their account (this might cost money)
  8. Share a post of a bigger account to your story, tag them and say something meaningful. If they like they might repost your post on their account and that will bring some followers to you.
  9. Remember to post every day, then it doesn’t matter where it reels, posts or stories. Remember to introduce yourself also. (People won’t like content without a face).
  10. Secret tip: when you start, it is difficult to come up with content, follow 4–1–1 rules which say, share 4 content created by other creators (don’t forget to give them a create) 1 original post created by yourself, and 1 promotional post (which can be anything like follow me, link in bio, sell started, buy now, etc.,). Make sure to use this when you already have something valuable to share.

That’s it, creators, I hope you like what I share. And don’t forget to share your favorite tips with us.